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Autonomous driving in a near future

This is the story of a man visiting another city ...

How does an Electric Car work ?

Autonomous driving

5 steps to the self-driving car




Solar energy

How do solar panels work? 

Adani’s Solar Power Plant

on National Geographic’s Megastructures.

Wind energy

This video lecture explains basic working principles of Wind turbine. 

How do Wind Turbines work ?


Power Plants


Geothermal heating and power generation

In Iceland, geothermal energy heats houses, powers industry and ensures gushing hot water fills bathtubs and thermal spas year round.  

 Geothermal Energy

See how we can generate clean, renewable energy from hot water sources deep beneath the Earth's surface.


 CHP generation plant

Cogeneration - Combined Heat and Power Plant

Gas power plants

3D animation of industrial 6 MW gas turbine working principle


Waste and Recycling

Waste-to-energy plant operation

Waste Incineration plant

How a waste-to-energy plant works

Oslo Waste to Energy Plan (OV)

with sortingsystem and power generation

Waste incineration

In order to get rid of ever-growing amount of waste and reduce dependency on outrunning fossil fuels, Danes have turned everyday garbage into heat and electricity.



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